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World Panorama Rules

World Panorama Rules (“Rules”)

The BIG Festival – Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (“Festival”) is carried out by Bits Produções Ltda. and BIG Festival Ltda. (“Production Companies”), thanks to the sponsorship and support of the companies listed on the Website

1. World Panorama is an area for the release and showcase of video games from invited publishers at the Festival.
2. By submitting your games to the World Panorama, you agree to assign to the Festival, free of charge and for worldwide territory, all rights to use and distribute the Game’s promotional material, for dissemination and marketing in any format and in any media, including the Festival’s venues and Website. Included in this assignment are explanatory and illustrative materials for the Game, videos, photos, texts, interviews with the developers of the selected Games and other materials and information about the Games.

3. By submitting your games to the World Panorama, you authorize the Festival to display and execute your Game at the Festival venues and Website, allowing anyone to play the selected Game without any charge, payment or limitation of any kind to the Festival or its participants and visitors.

4. By submitting your games to the World Panorama, you expressly declare and warrant to be the owner or possessor of all rights and licenses necessary for the use and/or public performance of all submitted materials (games, videos, photos, texts and others submitted materials), including – but not limited to:

a) All rights to the Game’s source code;
b) Licenses for the technologies and software used to develop and run the Game;
c) Rights to music used as a soundtrack or incidentals in the Game and other submitted materials;
d) Right to texts appearing in the Game and in other materials sent;
e) Right to script or texts that have served as inspiration for the Game and other materials sent;
f) Right to archive or third-party images appearing in the Game and in other submitted materials;
g) Patent rights or license to use third-party information in the Game and other submitted materials;
h) Or any other copyright that may prevent the execution or commercial or non-commercial placement of the Game and other materials sent.

5. By submitting your games to the World Panorama, you also undertakes to:

a) Not send any material containing vulgar, defamatory, prejudiced images or sounds or that violate the Brazilian Penal Code and applicable legislation;
b) Not violate the privacy of third parties or disrespect third parties racially, ethically, professionally or in any other way.
c) Not violate any copyright or any other law by sending the Game and other materials and information to the Festival.
d) Make their Game available, as well as the right to use the images, sounds and information of the Game and its representatives and developers, for public display at the Festival, on the Festival Website, in promotional materials and materials related to participation in the Festival, replications or presentations of the Festival in other locations, other internet sites, other cities, on other dates or in partnership with other events, both online and in person.

6. By submitting your games to the World Panorama, you shall hold harmless or indemnify the Production Companies and third parties involved in the Festival, as well as its partners, customers and sponsors, for all losses and damages of any nature arising from or related to (i) the non-compliance by the Competitor with obligations foreseen or related to these Rules, (ii) the legal violation generated by the Game(s) or other materials sent, and (iii) any fraud arising from the unauthorized use of third-party personal information for the purposes of registration at the Festival.

7. These Festival Rules, as well as BIG Festival Rules are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

8. The parties elect the Court of the Judicial District of the State of São Paulo, Capital, to settle any differences arising from these Rules, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be.