Gamescom Latam

The Event

The gamescom latam is the combination of gamescom, the largest games event in the world, with the BIG Festival, the largest games festival in Latin America. The gamescom latam will take place from June 26 to 30, 2024, at São Paulo Expo.

At gamescom latam, visitors will find the best games and most up-to-date trends in the world of games. The biggest companies in the gaming industry gather to make special announcements, launch their new projects, make their most famous titles available for the public to play and much more!

In addition to the event for consumers, which also features a meet & greet with creators, talks, cosplays, board games and eSports tournaments, gamescom latam also offers a business area for industry professionals and the BIG Festival, the main competition of independent games in Latin America, all available for you to test.

The most important event in the Southern Hemisphere!

With every new edition, new records are broken: more attractions, more games, more releases, more space, more people and more fun! After 12 years of existence, BIG Festival has joined forces with gamescom to become gamescom latam!

More than double the size

The 2024 edition will occupy a space 10 times larger than the seventh edition in 2019, and 3 times larger than that of 2022, offering much more attractions and infrastructure for you to enjoy!


gamescom latam countdown 2024

Just like it already happens at gamescom in Germany, the Latin America edition will also have an opening show on June 26th. This debut will be hosted by presenter Tiago Leifert!

Games enthusiasts will have the opportunity to watch AAA game trailers and independent games firsthand, as well as follow exclusive interviews that Tiago will conduct on stage. Additionally, the event highlights will also be presented.

Extra: On June 29th, there will be a meet & greet with Tiago Leifert!

More than 400 game stations

More than 400 games to test. Among the titles are more than 100 finalist games from the BIG Festival, games from Brazil Panorama and others from the biggest publishers in the world.

More than 50 unreleased games

After 28 years since the release of Tibia, CipSoft will launch its new title, Persist, at gamescom latam. Bandai Namco, Epic Games, Atari, Raw Fury, and other giants will also be launching games at the event.

Additionally, gamescom latam BIG Festival will feature 15 new games for the public to test firsthand.



Great game creators

The 2024 lineup features several renowned industry professionals, such as David Alpert, producer of The Walking Dead and CEO of Skybound Entertainment, Chance Glasco, creator of Call of Duty, Pawel Sasko, Associate Game Director at CD PROJEKT RED, Mike Foster, Senior Globe Account Manager at Sony, and Tim Morten, CEO of Frost Giant, who will be there to share even more knowledge.

Presence of the world’s leading publishers

At gamescom latam, visitors can test games from their favorite publishers! Among the over 70 participating publishers, those who have already confirmed their presence include Nintendo, Wargaming, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Bandai Namco, Roblox, Atari, Niantic, CipSoft, TecToy, Raw Fury, Akupara, and many more!


In addition to the journey and quest stages, where gamescom latam’s lectures will take place, we will have two other stages highly contested by the public: the eSports Arena and the exclusive Meet & Greet area.


Talks: 200 hours of content!

Big names in the gaming world share their experiences at gamescom latam. Follow the talks and learn about how different games started, were developed, their biggest challenges and how they are promoted.


More than 1,000 influencers

There will be over 1,000 creators present at gamescom latam, such as Bagi, Baiano, Playhard, Pedro Caxa, The Radioativo, and many others roaming the event halls!


Meet & Greet with the main influencers in the country

Fulfill your dream of chatting, taking photos or, perhaps, even producing content together with your favorite influencer.

eSports: more than 40 hours of programming!

Yes, this is the moment when our arenas are in full swing and you can hear the cheers from the crowds on the other side of the pavilion! That’s how intense our highly contested eSports championships and show matches are!

One of the confirmed events is the largest in-person tournament in Latin America for Brawl Stars, the COPA All Stars of Brawl Stars. There will also be a showmatch featuring Rasek Game, and much more.



gamescom latam BIG Festival

One of the most anticipated moments of the event: the awards ceremony for the best games of the year! In 2024, nearly 1,000 games were submitted from 74 countries across 20 categories. Wow!

In addition to trophies, winners also receive cash prizes! Check out all the awards and the 114 finalist games.


The best gaming collectibles stores

The geek products that were missing to decorate your home or to bring more comfort to your home office. Between a game and a meet & greet, you can stop by the partner stores and shop!

Activation and launches of exclusive products

To complete the experience, sponsors present several immersive and fun activations. Between one game and another, don’t forget to stop by the booths to check out the attractions and make your visit even more special!


The event got bigger and gained new areas

On Saturday, June 29th, the business area will transform into gamescom latam creators networking, an exclusive area for content creators, agencies, and companies to connect.

Stay tuned as we will soon reveal more new areas.




Olavo Fontoura Avenue, 1209, Santana, São Paulo


April 30 - May 4, 2025


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