Gamescom Latam

The Event

The gamescom latam is the combination of gamescom, the largest games event in the world, with the BIG Festival, the largest games festival in Latin America. The gamescom latam will take place from June 26 to 30, 2024, at São Paulo Expo.

At gamescom latam, visitors will find the best games and most up-to-date trends in the world of games. The biggest companies in the gaming industry gather to make special announcements, launch their new projects, make their most famous titles available for the public to play and much more!

In addition to the event for consumers, which also features a meet & greet with creators, talks, cosplays, board games and eSports tournaments, gamescom latam also offers a business area for industry professionals and the BIG Festival, the main competition of independent games in Latin America, all available for you to test.

The most important event in the Southern Hemisphere!

With every new edition, new records are broken: more attractions, more games, more releases, more space, more people and more fun! After 11 years of existence, BIG Festival has joined forces with gamescom to become gamescom latam!

More than double the size

The 2023 edition occupied a space 10x larger than the seventh edition of the festival, in 2019, and 2x larger than 2022, in other words, more attractions and better structure for you to enjoy the event!

More than 250 game stations

More than 250 games to test. Among the titles are more than 100 finalist games from the BIG Festival, games from Brazil Panorama and others from the biggest publishers in the world.

More than 50 unreleased games

In addition to the games already known to the public, the event also featured new titles for you to discover first-hand. In 2024, there will be many more!


Great game creators

In 2023, we had several renowned professionals, like Chance Glasco, creator of Call of Duty, who launched the trailer for his new game at the event. Takashi Tokita, lead designer of Final Fantasy was also present. Wait for the announcement of the 2024 participants soon!

Presence of the world’s leading publishers

At gamescom latam, visitors can test games from their favorite publishers! Among more than 60 publishers showing games in 2023, we had Nintendo, XBOX, Warner Bros. Games, Wargaming, Ubisoft, Devolver, Epic Games, Bandai, Konami, Humble, among many others!

8 stages

There are 5 stages for talks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (with a focus on the industry) and 2 stages during the weekend. Furthermore, from Thursday to Sunday, we have the eSports arena, meet & greet stage and creator stage.

Talks: 200 hours of content!

Big names in the gaming world share their experiences at BIG. Follow the talks and learn about how different games started, were developed, their biggest challenges and how they are promoted.


More than 1,000 influencers

In 2023, more than 1,000 creators participated, such as Gaules, Baiano, Playhard, Cerol and many others who walked through the event’s corridors!

Meet & Greet with the main influencers in the country

Fulfill your dream of chatting, taking photos or, perhaps, even producing content together with your favorite influencer.

eSports: more than 40 hours of programming!

Yes, this is the moment when our arenas are in full swing and it is possible to hear the cheers from the other side of the pavilion! This is how the highly disputed eSports championships are!

Main Streamers meeting in the year in partnership with Twitch

Twitch was one of the event’s partners and held the largest gathering of streamers in the country at its booth. The public had the opportunity to meet several streamers and follow sessions and interviews with them.


BIG Festival

One of event’s most anticipated moments: the award ceremony for the best games of the year! This year, there were more than 600 registered games, from 55 countries, and 18 categories. Wow!

In addition to the trophies, the winners also received a cash prize!

Check out all the prizes, the 110 finalist games and the winners.

The best gaming collectibles stores

The geek products that were missing to decorate your home or to bring more comfort to your home office. Between a game and a meet & greet, you can stop by the partner stores and shop!

Activation and launches of exclusive products

To complete the experience, sponsors present several immersive and fun activations. Between one game and another, don’t forget to stop by the booths to check out the attractions and make your visit even more special!

The event got bigger and gained new areas

In 2023, we had the BIG Artists (our Artists’ Valley), a special area to promote game artists. We also had some very popular areas: Board Games, Snooker and VR Panorama (VR games area).


Let’s live the future of games?


São Paulo Expo

1,5 Rod. dos Imigrantes - Vila Água Funda, 04329-900 - São Paulo


June 26 to 30, 2024


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